Fantasy Book Review: Incarnate

Incarnate by Anton Strout

When Alexandra Belarus discovered her family’s secret ability to breathe life into stone, she uncovered an entire world of magic hidden within New York City—a world she has accidentally thrown into chaos. A spell gone awry has set thousands of gargoyles loose upon Manhattan, and it’s up to Lexi and her faithful protector, Stanis, to put things right.

But the stress of saving the city is casting a pall over Lexi and Stanis’s relationship, driving them to work separately to solve the problem. As Stanis struggles to unite the gargoyle population, Lexi forges unlikely alliances with witches, alchemists and New York’s Finest to quell an unsettling uprising led by an ancient and deadly foe long thought vanquished.

To save her city, Lexi must wield more power than ever before with the added hope of recovering a mysterious artifact that could change her world—and bring her closer to Stanis than she ever thought possible.

Following the events in Stonecast, Lexi and her friends are hunting down rogue gargoyles (grotesques). And the local police are catching on that something supernatural is causing multiple disturbances. Lexi will need all the help she can get in bringing down her latest adversary who is malevolent and mysterious.

Lexi is also trying to sort out her feelings for the men in her life. And the possibility of a pendant that could mean a future for her and Stanis gives her a clearer mind.

Incarnate is a fast-paced and thrilling finale to a great, fantasy trilogy. Though I’ll miss the characters, the storylines and overlying arc are wrapped up nicely. Always full of surprises, this was an enjoyable read that was suspenseful and dramatic. The climactic ending doesn’t disappoint. And this trilogy will always make me wish I lived in a city that had old buildings with gargoyles decorating the rooftops.

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