Fantasy Book Review: Precinct 13

Precinct 13 by Tate Hallaway

Alex Conner is the newest coroner for Pierre, South Dakota. But it seems her troubles have followed her when dead bodies begin talking to her and one gets up and walks away. Reporting her missing body sends her to Precinct 13, a local secret agency specializing in the paranormal. And it turns out Alex may be one of them.

Alex is a bold, strong young woman with a dark past. She left Chicago to get away from her troubles, but when she begins hearing dead people talk to her, she thinks her insanity has followed. But it’s not insanity. And Precinct 13 helps Alex discover who she is. She has a great chemistry with everyone in Precinct 13 – from the brash detectives to the quirky technomage. The character development in this story is fantastic.

With an intense mystery, plenty of suspense and magic, humor, and a bit of romance – Precinct 13 was a surprising series debut. I loved every bit of it. Urban fantasy fans should not miss this one. It’s labeled by the imprint as a paranormal romance, but this is an urban fantasy with only a brief hint of romance, having nothing to do with the plot. Interesting characters and exciting plot made it impossible to put down. The fast-paced adventure and mystery concluded with a satisfying twist, but still left me wanting more. I’ll certainly be looking forward to the sequel to this promising series.