Fantasy Book Review: Revenant

Revenant by Kat Richardson

Harper Blaine was your average small-time PI until she died—for two minutes. Now Harper is a Greywalker, treading the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm. And these abilities are landing her all sorts of “strange” cases….

Turmoil, sickness, and destruction are sweeping through Europe—and its effects are being felt all the way across the world in Seattle. Harper Blaine and her lover, Quinton, suspect that Quinton’s father, James Purlis—and his terrifying Ghost Division—are involved.

Following a dark trail of grotesque crimes and black magic across the Old World, the pair slowly draws closer to their quarry. But finding and dismantling the Ghost Division won’t be enough to stop the horror that Purlis has unwittingly set in motion.

An ancient and forgotten cult has allied with Quinton’s mad father. And their goals are far more nightmarish than Harper and Quinton—or even Purlis—could ever imagine.

The pursuit leads to Portugal, where the desecrated tomb of a sleeping king and a temple built of bones recall Harper’s very first paranormal case and hold clues to the cult’s true intentions. Harper and Quinton will need all the help they can get to avert a necromantic cataclysm that could lay waste to Europe and drag the rest of the world to the brink of war.

Harper and her vampire acquaintance Carlos join Quinton in Portugal for this latest adventure. Carlos happens to have a castle there, as he spent some of his early years there. And there’s an interesting backstory there in addition to the main plot surrounding Quinton’s father and his evil plans.

Revenant is the 9th and final book in the Greywalker series. As a fan who’s read all of them, I was excited to see how she’d end the series. Richardson has obviously done a lot of research on the history of Portugal, as she has in her previous installments. And I was happy to see a lot of the story involve Carlos and his past as he’s such an interesting and complex character. With plenty of suspense, intrigue, adventure and drama – there is plenty of surprises along the way. This was an impressive and satisfying conclusion to a terrific series.