Fantasy Book Review: Sweet Shadows

Sweet Shadows by Tera Lynn Childs

Triplets Gretchen, Grace, and Greer have just been reunited after being separated at birth. As descendants of Medusa, they have inherited a legacy along with special abilities. But these gifts come with a cost. Not one, but two factions are determined to see the girls dead – either before or after they complete an ages old prophecy. But when the few people the girls can go to for answers disappear, Gretchen, Grace, and Greer must learn to rely upon each other. While trying to fend off monstrous creatures bent on their destruction, the triplets wonder who they can really trust and still try to maintain a sense of normalcy in their personal lives.

The girls have such distinct personalities, that when the chapters switch between their voices it’s easy to tell them apart. Gretchen is the brash, brave and most prepared for fighting monsters. Grace is the smart, humble and most easily relatable girl from a loving home. Greer is a high society, prom queen-type, yet still manages to stay grounded. It’s sweet and endearing to see them slowly form relationships with each other despite their differences. And blossoming romances with the young men in their life add a lighter edge to their otherwise intense lives.

Childs has created a unique and fantastic world based on Greek mythology with equally interesting and engaging characters. Sweet Shadows is a solid sequel to last year’s Sweet Venom, building upon the story and answering more questions about the triplets’ prophecy. Though, one plot point bothered me. The girls find a note written in Greek, and instead of looking up a translation on the internet (which would have taken minutes), they wait days to find someone to translate it for them. I find it hard to believe teenage girls in this day wouldn’t immediately think of the internet. But this was one minor point of confusion in an otherwise brilliant story. With plenty of fast-paced adventure and mystery, this fun and exciting story was impossible to put down. Once again, the triplets are leave us with a mild cliffhanger ending that makes the next year’s release seem too far away. Don’t miss this charming YA fantasy series with bite.

Sweet Shadows releases from Katherine Tegen Books on September 4, 2012.