Fantasy Book Review: The Dragon’s Price

The Dragon’s Price by Bethany Wiggins

When two warring kingdoms unified against a deadly menace laying waste to both their lands, they had to make a choice: vow to marry their heirs to one another, or forfeit their lives to the dragon.

Centuries later, everyone expects the sheltered princess Sorrowlynn to choose the barbarian prince over the fire-breathing beast—everyone, that is, except Sorrow, who is determined to control her own destiny or die trying.

As she is lowered into the dragon’s chamber, she assumes her life is over until Golmarr, the young prince she just spurned, follows her with the hopes of being her hero and slaying the dragon. But the dragon has a different plan. . . .

If the dragon wins, it will be freed from the spell that has bound it to the cave for centuries. If Sorrow or Golmarr vanquish the dragon, the victor will gain its treasure and escape the cave beneath the mountain. But what exactly is the dragon hiding?

There are no safe havens for Sorrow or Golmarr—not even with each other—and the stakes couldn’t be higher as they risk everything to protect their kingdom.

Sorrowlynn is a sad, sheltered girl. When the time comes to choose to marry a stranger or take her chances against a dragon – she chooses possible death. Golmarr sees her spirit and decides to follow her, to slay the dragon.

The Dragon’s Price is the first in an exciting fantasy trilogy for young adults. I’ve read other books by Wiggins, so I was excited to pick this one up. Once again, her characters are engaging and the story completely captivating. I hope to see Sorrowlynn grow to be more assertive and not rely so much on a man to save her in the upcoming novels. Her actions in the dragon’s cave made for the best scene in the story. The story is full of suspense, magic, and a bit of romance. And a dramatic twist leads to a mildly climactic ending that left me wanting more. The next in this trilogy can’t come soon enough.