Fantasy Book Review: The Slayer Chronicles: Third Strike

The Slayer Chronicles: Third Strike by Heather Brewer

All secrets will be revealed as Slayer Joss McMillan tracks a murderous vampire terrorizing his hometown of Santa Clara. During his investigation, Joss comes head to head with old enemies seeking revenge and faces the truth about his sister Cecile’s murder. Joss must use all of his skill to protect his loved ones, even if it means paying the ultimate price.

Joss’ cousin Henry is mad at him for stabbing his best friend. Though, Joss is still conflicted about not actually killing the vampire, since Joss is a part of the Slayer Society. Yet, as someone else said – not all vampires are bad, just as not all Slayers are good. When Henry is forced to stay with Joss’ family for a while to repair their friendship, the two finally begin to thaw. Then, a certain girl shows up and comes in between them.

Third Strike is the final installment in The Slayer Chronicles, the offshoot series of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. And while the two series share similar characters, I hadn’t read the Vladimir Tod series before starting the Slayer Chronicles and had no trouble jumping in. Though, since I read the first two Slayer Chronicles, I started collecting the Vladimir Tod series since I knew I’d enjoy those too. This series is often light-hearted despite some dark subject matter. The suspense builds to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. Yet there is obviously more story to tell; and this reader is hopeful for more to come. With plenty of danger, mystery, and drama – teens and adults alike will enjoy this character-driven story.

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