Fantasy Book Review: The Third Door

The Third Door by Emily Rodda

Three magic Doors are the only way in and out of the walled city of Weld. The golden Door is grand and majestic — a Door for heroes. The silver Door hints at mystery and knowledge — a door for schemers. But the plain wooden Door has always held the most appeal for Rye and his friend Sonia. And now, at last, they have the chance to open it.

The city of Weld is under attack by skimmers, flying beasts that terrorize the night. If Rye and Sonia can’t discover the enemy sending the skimmers in time, Weld has no hope. Twice before, Rye and Sonia left Weld on a quest to save it. Twice before, they failed.

Now there’s just one Door left — one last chance to save the people of Weld. Rye and Sonia know everything depends on them. But nothing can prepare them for the horror that waits behind the wooden Door.

Rye, his brothers, and Sonia use the wooden door this time – the one that calls to Rye. And it’s their last chance to save Weld. The Gold door was an adventure that led to stopping a dictator. The Silver door led to a dark place where mutant beasts were being bred. The wooden door leads to a town where a traitor is at work.

The Third Door concludes this fantasy trilogy with big revelations. While some details are a bit predictable, the big reveal is completely surprising. The characters are engaging. The lore is fascinating. And the plot is fresh and suspenseful. Full of mystery, drama, humor, and magic – I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and recommend it to fantasy fans of all ages.

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