Fantasy Book Review: Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir

Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir by Tui T. Sutherland

The lost heir to the SeaWing throne is going home at last. She can’t believe it’s finally happening. Tsunami and her fellow dragonets of destiny are journeying under the water to the great SeaWing Kingdom. Stolen as an egg from the royal hatchery, Tsunami is eager to meet her future subjects and reunite with her mother, Queen Coral.

But Tsunami’s triumphant return doesn’t go quite the way she’d imagined. Queen Coral welcomes her with open wings, but a mysterious assassin has been killing off the queen’s heirs for years, and Tsunami may be the next target. The dragonets came to the SeaWings for protection, but this ocean hides secrets, betrayal—and perhaps even death.

Tsunami thinks her home will be a safe haven and dreams of eventually becoming queen in her mother’s place. Though, the rest of the dragonets have reservations which are proven when they’re separated from Tsunami and left behind. Meanwhile, Tsunami grows up quite a bit when confronted with an assassin and suspects a traitor within her mother’s inner circle.

This is a solid sequel in the Wings of Fire series. The focus and character development is almost solely on Tsunami in this installment. And there is no lack of suspense, mystery, and intrigue. This latest fantasy adventure is an exciting and intense read. Unique and unpredictable, this is an incredible fantasy series where dragons of various races are the dominant species on the planet.

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