GenCon Indy 06

Even though I don’t care so much for gaming, I ventured downtown for GenCon ’06 simply to meet Richard Hatch and William Katt.

Richard Hatch has been a life-long crush of mine since his days in Battlestar Galactica. As soon as I got to his table, he was friendly and flirting. He jumped up to get our picture taken and ran around the table. As his assistant had problems figuring out which button to push on my camera, Richard continued to snuggle. I wasn’t complaining. A friend that came with me told me later that the guy next to him in line said to him, “Dude, you’re letting him hit on your girlfriend like that?!” (No, I wasn’t his girlfriend.) And I had a good laugh about that.

Getting Cozy with Apollo:

I asked him if he was continuing to write more of his series of Battlestar Galactica books based on the original. He said, yes, but that the publisher had passed away, so that had obviously been a factor in putting more books out. But he is planning on doing more. He wrote his last book as a Part One to another.

I went to Hatch’s Q&A Session where most of what he talked about revolved around the new, “re-imagined” Battlestar Galactica. Knowing how much time, effort, and resources he invested in his dream of a continuation of the original, I was really impressed with his outlook and attitude towards the new show and those involved. He answered so many questions, that he ran out of time to show both of the clips that he wanted. So he just played the bloopers real of the new Battlestar series. I approached him afterwards to ask if his continuation trailer was available to view online. He said, no, but he had the dvd with him so to meet him at his table in a few minutes, and he’d let me view it there. I was able to watch it on my friend’s laptop, and was giddy with excitement. As soon as he saw me take the headphones off, he came over to ask what I thought. I told him it was great, I loved it, and thanked him profusely again.

Sitting next to Hatch, was Jamie Bamber (Apollo) from the new Battlestar Galactica series:

Also in attendance was Gigi Edgley from Farscape:

And Kevin Sorbo from Hercules and Andromeda:

William Katt was another joy to meet. He was even friendlier… and a bigger flirt. When he finished signing his photo, he turned it over and asked if he could give me his number! We both laughed. He also signed the boxed set of The Greatest American Hero that I had with me, outside and insert. And with a purchase of an autographed photo, Katt was giving away his latest dvd comedy, Gamers.

I had told him earlier that the only reason that I had come to the convention was to meet him and Richard Hatch. So before I walked away, he had to throw in, “See, aren’t I nicer than Richard?”
(Well, Richard didn’t offer me his phone number… darn it.)

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