GlobalComix and Source Point Press Spotlight – 1 Week Free for First 10 Readers!

Today, the GlobalComix Spotlight is on Source Point Press. And the first 10 readers who use the code below (at the end of the article) will get unlimited reading for all sci-fi comics on GlobalComix for a whole week! Code is valid until June 27th at 11:59PM EDT.

1. Salvagers, 222 pages – Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

In the distant future, the habitable planets are connected through the trade of natural and artificial resources. The import and export business is flourishing for some systems, while leaving others at the mercy of major trade corporations. After the end of the Galactic War, peace blanketed the galaxy; however, planets with little shipping resources turned to piracy or developed small guerilla…

Story and Art by Bob Salley, DeSiKa, George Acevedo, HdE Ponsonby-Jones, Joshua Werner

2. Franklin and Ghost, 160 pages – Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

In a last ditch effort to see more of the universe before accepting their inevitably boring lives as miners on their home planet Defilion, Franklin and Ghost steal a ship and head out for one last adventure. When they accidentally crash to Earth, they seek shelter in the bodies of a couple unsuspecting hosts. Hell bent on having a good time, Franklin and Ghost team up for the rage-filled quest of…

Story and Art by Garrett Gunn, HdE, Nicolas Touris

3. Achilles, Inc., 100 pages – Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

Ten years ago, a sliver of the world’s population was granted super powers in an instant. Since then, these “Boosters” have turned the planets socio-economic systems on their ear. Instead of dressing up in colorful costumes and beating each other up, they formed a union-called Power Corps-and replaced the blue collar workforces across the globe. The world is in despair. Jobs are scarce and we…

Story and Art by Andy Schmidt and Daniel Maine

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