GlobalComix Spotlight: Bliss on Tap!

Today, the GlobalComix Spotlight is on Bliss on Tap. And the first 10 readers who use the code below (at the end of the article) will get unlimited reading for all sci-fi comics on GlobalComix for a whole week! Code is valid until June 11th at 11:59PM EDT.

1. Watch The Skies, 80 pages – Published by Bliss on Tap

What starts as a simple science experiment leads to an unexpected discovery placing the lives of two brothers and possibly the world in danger.

Story and Art by Alex Murillo, Jeremy Fine, Sydney Bright

2. Hardcore Akan, 36 pages – Published by Bliss on Tap

Bloody love Hardcore Henry? Just wait until you read the comic Hardcore Akan — an origin story created by the film’s director, Ilya Naishuller, Brian Phillipson and Will Stewart!

Before wreaking havoc in the film Hardcore Henry, our ruthless villain, Akan, wasn’t always bad… Hardcore Akan uncovers what made him so potently evil; from his birth during the infamous Chernobyl disaster, to the…

Story and Art by Alex Cormack, Brian Phillipson, Ilya Naishuller, Will Stewart

3. Andie and the Alien, 112 pages – Published by Bliss on Tap

Over 500 years ago, an alien spaceship crashed in the undiscovered Americas. The little alien was rescued by the local natives. In return for saving him, the alien promised to protect the natives from foreign invaders by placing a force-field over the Americas — preventing exploration and colonization of their land — and altering the course of history as we know it forever. 500 years later, in…

Story and Art by Brian Phillipson and Philip Phillipson

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