GlobalComix Spotlight: The Ignis Quadrant – Free Read!

Today, the GlobalComix Spotlight is on The Ignis Quadrant.

THE IGNIS QUADRANT by EC3D Design is a space western that features Montana Bones and his cast of ragtag companions. Montana and his crew go on adventures throughout the galaxy, all while managing to find time for a few drinks at Crazy Ritas. There’s never a dull moment, as scuffles with gangs of criminals and local garrisons are around every corner.

THE IGNIS QUADRANT now has four issues available on GlobalComix, with Chapter 0 – The Beginning completely free to read.

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1. THE IGNIS QUADRANT – Novus Landing, 108 pages – Published by EC3D Design

A rip-roaring space western comic to satisfy your cravings for action and adventure in outer space!

Story and Art by EC3D Design

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