Graphic Novel Review: Grave Surprise

Charlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise

Harper Connelly, a psychic capable of finding dead people and reading their last thoughts, discovers a grave in Memphis with two bodies: a man centuries dead, and a girl recently deceased. How the two bodies ended up together would be perplexing enough… but the sudden appearance of a third body the next morning makes this a mystery that perhaps even Connelly can’t solve!

This is official graphic novel adaptation of the novel of the same name by Charlaine Harris. I’m not as familiar with this series as I am the Southern Vampire series, but I have read the first in this series so I was somewhat familiar with the characters. Harper has the ability of seeing the last moments of the deceased.

Grave Surprise is a suspenseful mystery. And the characters are well-developed for a graphic novel as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this well-paced and dramatic story. And the artwork fit the dark tone. I’d definitely pick up more in this series.