Graphic Novel Review: Superman Vol 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth)

Superman Vol. 1: Son Of Superman (Rebirth)

When the Man of Steel died defending his adopted home, it seemed that the spirit of truth and justice he represented was extinguished forever. But watching from the sidelines was another Superman—older, wiser, more experienced—with his wife, Lois Lane, and their son, Jonathan Kent.

Now this refugee from a vanished universe is stepping out of the shadows, ready to assume the mantle of his fallen counterpart and take to the skies once more as Earth’s greatest hero.

But he is not the only survivor of Krypton to make the journey to this reality. The machine mind known as the Eradicator is on the trail of the House of El, and its hardwired directive to protect the Kryptonian genome permits no consideration for any other forms of life—not even those that share Kal-El’s blood.

Can the son of Superman harness his newly emerging powers in time to resist the annihilation of his humanity? Or will he be reborn into a new Krypton forged from the ashes of his mother’s world?

This Rebirth series brings a Superman from an alternate universe as well as his family. And while the Eradicator acknowledges Kal-El as Kryptonian, his son Jonathan is in danger from the machine as his blood isn’t “pure.” Meanwhile, Jonathan doesn’t quite have the same powers as Clark, and finds them hard to control at times.

This new series is fresh and is a new beginning of sorts for the Man of Steel. This story arc is exciting and fun, with great artwork. I love the focus on Jonathan, Lois and Clark’s son. He’s a brave boy who wants to make his own way in the world, but who’s still learning his powers. I’d definitely keep reading this series. The family dynamic adds a lot and is still action-packed.

Son of Superman collects issues #1-6 and the Superman: Rebirth one-shot.

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