Infinite Dark Chapter 2&3 – Comic Review

Infinite Dark – Top Cow
The universe ended, but humanity survived. And for years, the passengers and crew of the vessel Orpheus found the endless void between realities to be a surprisingly peaceful home. Then they found a body; bloodied, brutalized, and surrounded by inscrutable runes. As Security Director Deva Karrell investigates the Orpheus’ first murder, she’ll come face to face with a horror from beyond.

About Top Cow:
Top Cow Productions is an American comics publisher, a partner studio of Image Comics founded by Marc Silvestri in 1992.”

In chapter 1, Security Director Deva Karrell discovered a body and leaves off in a cliffhanger. Chapter 2-3 of Infinite Dark Deva’s trauma grows to the point she begins seeing aberrations. But there is definitely something sinister at work. This engaging story grows more intense and suspenseful as the danger grows. The creepy vision of the entity is just enough to put readers on edge. There is more psychological suspense at this point, as we slowly learn a bit more what’s happening. This exciting series is only getting better. If you have a chance, be sure to check out this impressive comic from Top Cow.

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