Marvel Legends of Asgard: Queen of Deception – Book Review

Marvel Legends of Asgard: Queen of Deception by Anna Stephens

A burst of magic from Midgard attracts the attention of Hela, Queen of Hel. The Goddess of Death craves power to enable her ultimate conquest of the Realms, and this new sorcery from Earth is tantalizing… Pursuing its source, Hela is appalled to find herself in Elizabethan England. From Asgard, Lady Sif and the valkyrie, Brunnhilde are also dispatched to Midgard, and neither of them have any love for Hela. Yet a still greater threat awaits: the Dark Elves see Midgard as the first battle in war of the Realms. Only a team-up between hated enemies can win the day, but how far can you really trust the Queen of Hel?

When an unsuspecting human uses magic from another realm, Hela herself heads to Elizabethan England to discover the source and claim it. But Brunnhilde knows something is wrong too, and Lady Sif joins her quest to track the same magic. With multiple parties trying to lay claim to the same power, there is plenty of adventure and suspense in this exciting Marvel novel. I love that it’s set in Elizabethan England, giving a different perspective to the magic and the Asgardians try to stay undercover. The setting and story are a lot of fun. It’s well paced and kept my attention from beginning to the thrilling, climactic end. I thoroughly enjoyed this standalone novel, and look forward to more from this author.

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