Interview Me Meme

Vicky gave me 5 questions as a short interview meme:

1. Why SciFi?
Why not? No, really, the person who got me watching scifi was my father. I watched whatever he watched, whether it be science fiction or kung fu movies. The tables have turned now that I’m an adult, and he doesn’t have cable. I tape our favorite shows for him and pass along books that I know he’ll like. My mother thinks we’re both crazy.

2. You read a bazillion books (I don’t exaggerate) what one has been your absolute favourite and why?
My all-time favorite actually isn’t science fiction. I know, shocking. But it is the Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas. I don’t know of any other book that has affected me as much. The beautiful writing and the heart-breaking story. My favorite part is when he’s with the old priest in prison. When the Count tells the old man that he doesn’t believe in God anymore, the old priest says, “That doesn’t matter. He believes in you.”

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The Last Mimzy

I did go to the theater by myself yesterday to see The Last Mimzy. I’m glad I only paid matinee price. It’s definitely for children. I probably would have loved it as a child. I could compare it to a wild adventure like Disney’s Flight of the Navigator. But without the cool space ship and Jim Henson’s muppet aliens.

The premise is that our future is in trouble. So, an old scientist sends back through time a box of high tech toys for gifted children to find. They’re our future’s last chance. Why? That’s never really explained. But hence, it’s called the Last Mimzy. Mimzy being the artificially intelligent stuffed bunny that only little Emma can understand.

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Seeing Any Good Movies This Weekend?

This weekend or next, I plan on watching The Last Mimzy and TMNT. Even if I have to go by myself.

There’s quite a few new movies out this weekend.
And a few scifi and horror options.
Which are you wanting to see?

The Last Mimzy
The Hills Have Eyes 2
Dead Silence
Reign Over Me

The Last Mimzy trailer below:
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13 of SciFiChick’s Favorite SciFi Novels

Here it is. I never agree with any of the “definitive lists” out there. So this is simply a list of those that are near and dear. And since it’s Thursday Thirteen, I’m listing just that strange number. This may be one of my last 13’s, as I’d rather do Top Tens.

Feel free to post some of your own top picks.
And wow, for once, there aren’t any fantasy books in a list of science fiction novels.

1. Area 51 series, by Robert Doherty – How much do I love this series? It has to be number one. I’m disappointed that Doherty seems to have stopped writing them. They read like you’re watching a movie, plenty of suspense and colorful descriptions.

2. The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells – I have a large book of Wells’ greatest stories. This one has to be my favorite, followed closely by The Invisible Man, War of the Worlds, and The Island of Doctor Moreau.

3. Out of the Silent Planet (and the rest of the Space Trilogy), by C.S. Lewis – I love this series almost as much as his Narnia books, which top my list of top fantasy picks.

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Bruno Talks Upcoming Dead Zone Season 6

Source: SciFiWire

Chris Bruno, who plays Sheriff Walt Bannerman on USA Network’s supernatural series The Dead Zone, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming sixth season will see the impending arrival of Walt’s child with his wife, Sarah (Nicole de Boer), which he hopes will complicate things. The love triangle among Walt, Sarah and psychic Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) could use some heating up, Bruno added.

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Fantastic Four 2 Posters

Check out the newest posters for the upcoming Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Click on the images below to view larger versions.

Silver Surfer looks cool.
– Poor Sue Storm is wall-eyed. And the color couldn’t look more fake.
The Thing‘s teeth look comical.
Johnny looks hot as always.
– And Reed just looks creepy or deathly ill.

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Spider-Man: The Other

Evolve or Die!

Spider-Man: The Other is a compiled graphic novel of various Spider-Man titles (Amazing Spider-Man #525-528, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1-4, and Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19-22) and written by Peter David, Reginald Hudlin, J. Michael Straczynski, Pat Lee, Mike Wieringo, and Mike Deodato.

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