8 thoughts on “Rogue Angel: Swordsman’s Legacy Giveaway!”

  1. You book has peaked my curiosity. I read ALL the time. My daughter says I have withdrawals when I don’t have one to read. Shakes, sweats, nervousness, I get it all when I only have a few pages left to read.
    I was just wondering since this is SciFiChick.com does that mean your book is a SciFi? It says you will draw “names” so maybe if your givingaway more than one I will have a chance. I hope so. I will be interesting if I do, don’t think I have ever read SciFi that wasn’t in outer space! LOL Thank you for your time and the opportunity! Hope you have a Very Happy Holiday Season!

  2. This is a great series, I recently discovered it. There’s still a few books I haven’t read at least 5 from the series…

    I’m surprised at how quickly each book comes out..

    Happy Holiday..

  3. The books come out all the time because there are now about 6 writers doing it. Mel Odum used to write them, and he was fantastic. But now it’s really sloppy and inconsistent. It’s too bad they don’t edit them better so they would match up better. There are always spelling mistakes too. It’s called spellcheck.

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