Salvation – Book Review

Salvation by Caryn Lix

Kenzie and her friends have already escaped two vicious alien attacks—not to mention the corporate bounty hunters sent to capture them. They’re haunted by the friends they’ve lost and the hard choices they’ve had to make in this war they never asked for.

And now, thanks to superpowers she received from the very aliens she’s fighting, Kenzie has stranded everyone on a strange planet with no way off. She just wanted a safe place from the monstrous creatures terrorizing her world, but this new planet has dangers of its own, and Kenzie will have to uncover its secrets if she has any hope of ever making it home again.

Sacrifice is nothing new for Kenzie. She’ll do anything—anything—to destroy the aliens that killed both of her parents. But how can Kenzie save Earth if she can’t even save the people she loves?

Kenzie and her group of superpowered teens have arrived on a desolate planet, separated from some of them. And with no idea of where they are nor what dangers lurk ahead, they have no idea how to get home.

Salvation is the third and final installment in this electrifying, YA scifi trilogy. This planet is strange and dangerous and holds quite a few mysteries. And the thrilling suspense makes for another fast-paced adventure that doesn’t let up. With plenty of shocking reveals along the way and captivating characters, this novel maybe the most memorable of the 3. I love this series. And this finale is an incredible culmination of events that leads to an unforgettable ending. Both teens and adult science fiction fans should check out this dark and exciting trilogy.

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