SciFi Book Review: Apollo’s Outcasts

Apollo’s Outcasts by Allen Steele

Jamey Barlowe has been crippled since childhood, the result of being born on the Moon. He lives his life in a wheelchair, only truly free when he is in the water. But then Jamey’s father sends him, along with five other kids, back to the Moon to escape a political coup d’état that has occurred overnight in the United States. Moreover, one of the other five refugees is more than she appears.

Their destination is the mining colony Apollo. Jamey will have to learn a whole new way to live, one that entails walking for the first time in his life. It won’t be easy and it won’t be safe. But Jamey is determined to make it as a member of Lunar Search and Rescue, also known as the Rangers. This job is always risky but could be even more dangerous if the new US president makes good on her threat to launch a military invasion. Soon Jamey is front and center in a political and military struggle stretching from the Earth to the Moon.

Jamey is a likable and relatable teen. And the other kids that accompany him on their flight to the moon have a variety of personalities and their own set of challenges. Once they arrive on the moon, their troubles are far from over. Though, Jamey’s disability becomes somewhat of a non-issue other than having to learn to walk. In fact, what was a disability on Earth actually helps him in his training for the Lunar Search and Rescue.

Full of suspense, intrigue, drama, and a bit of romance – Apollo’s Outcasts is a highly entertaining and memorable story. Though parts were a bit predictable, this was a quick, easy read both teens and adults alike will enjoy. Ender’s Game fans should check out this fast-paced, science fiction adventure.

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