SciFi Book Review: Changeling

Changeling by Kelly Meding

Dahlia “Ember” Perkins is the new Meta (superhuman) on the team and has the ability to absorb and manipulate fire. The super-heroes-for-hire have done everything they can to welcome and accept Ember into their group, but she still feels like she doesn’t fit in. The Metas are called in to help local police with a bizarre murder where only the victim’s skin is left behind. And when clues lead to an old case of Ember’s, she soon finds herself the target of a killer.

This is the sequel to last year’s Trance. While Trance felt more like a super hero/super villain showdown, Changeling feels more like a mystery/paranormal cop show. While still in the same series, the point of view shifts to another team member as well. Meding has done a great job with character development. No shallow cardboard cut outs here. And I was surprised that the drama was just as interesting as the action-packed adventure scenes. This fantastic sequel is packed with suspense, thrills and plenty of surprises. Urban fantasy, scifi, and super hero fans alike will enjoy this dark, intense series.

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