SciFi Book Review: Feedback

Feedback by Robison Wells

Benson Fisher escaped from Maxfield Academy’s deadly rules and brutal gangs. The worst was over. Or so he thought. But now he’s trapped on the other side of the wall, in a different kind of prison. A town filled with familiar faces. People from Maxfield who Benson had seen die. Friends he was afraid he had killed. They are all pawns in the school’s twisted experiment, held captive and controlled by an unseen force. And while Benson struggles to figure out who, if anyone, can be trusted, he discovers that Maxfield Academy’s plans are darker than anything he imagined—and they may be impossible to stop.

Picking up where Variant left off, Benson and Becky have just escaped Maxfield Academy in a horrific battle where many died. And Becky is severely wounded. When they meet a human settlement, they want to stay only long enough until Becky is well enough to travel. But their predicament becomes much more difficult as people that they knew from Maxfield are here and alive, but prisoners. Benson is forced to make difficult decisions in regard to his own freedom and those he cares about.

This sequel is definitely character focused and emotionally driven. Yet there is still plenty of suspense, adventure, and mystery that kept it riveting and impossible to put down. Wells is a talented author who has created a unique and fascinating story. Though a positive outcome seemed impossible, I got incredibly invested in the characters and Benson’s sense of hope. Miraculously, there is a satisfying conclusion – no cliffhanger, yet several questions left unanswered that would make another sequel desired but not essential. Though there is a strong science fiction element, readers do not necessarily have to be fans of the genre to get into this exciting story. I highly recommend Variant and Feedback, especially if read back-to-back.

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