SciFi Book Review: Alight

Alight by Scott Sigler

M. Savage—or Em, as she is called—has made a bewildering and ominous discovery. She and the other young people she was chosen to lead awoke in strange coffins with no memory of their names or their pasts. They faced an empty, unknown place of twisting tunnels and human bones. With only one another to depend on, they searched for answers and found the truth about their terrifying fate. Confronted by a monstrous enemy, they vowed never to surrender—and, by any means, to survive.

The planet Omeyocan may be the sanctuary Em and her comrades seek. But the planet for which they were created turns out not to be a pristine, virgin world. Vestiges of a lost civilization testify to a horrifying past that may yet repeat itself. And when a new enemy creeps from the jungle shadows, Em and her young refugees learn there’s nowhere left to run. They face a simple choice: fight or die.

In the midst of this desperate struggle, their unity is compromised from within—and a dangerous zealot devoted to a bloodthirsty god moves to usurp Em’s command, threatening to lead them all down a path to violent doom.

Alight is the second installment in a heart-pounding science fiction series. Alive was completely unique and exceptional. I wasn’t sure how this sequel could measure up. However, I was once again completely pulled in to the story. Now that Em and the rest of the children are on the surface of new and foreign planet, the the feel is very different. But there are still many questions left to answer and many more once they start exploring the planet. And just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, a major plot twist took me by surprise. This incredible fast-paced, suspense-filled adventure is only rivaled by the vivid and captivating characters. Teens and adults alike will enjoy this dramatic, science fiction series.

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