SciFi Book Review: Before Tomorrowland

Before Tomorrowland by Jeff Jensen

The year is 1939. A secret society of extraordinary geniuses is about to share an incredible discovery with the world.

A misguided enemy-half man, half machine-will stop at nothing to prevent the group from giving this forbidden knowledge to humanity.

And a mother and son on vacation in New York City are handed a comic book infused with a secret code that will lead them straight into the crossfires of the conspiracy.

Before Tomorrowland is a prequel story to Disney’s upcoming Tomorrowland film. The story jumps around to different character’s stories. The story of the cyborg, Henry, is a bit disjointed and confusing. It would have almost been better to make him more of a mystery than what little information we’re given about him. The heart of the story is with the young man and his mother who stumble across a magnificent secret after a visit to a science fiction convention.

Despite its flaws, the premise is fascinating. A group of scientists and explorers have created their idea of a utopian society where creativity and science are much more advanced than present day. This fast-paced, fun adventure with colorful characters has definitely made me excited to see the film. The book ends with a 20-page comic book with a unique look at the story as well.

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