SciFi Book Review: Captain Marvel: Liberation Run

Captain Marvel: Liberation Run by Tess Sharpe

Carol Danvers–Captain Marvel–narrowly stops a spacecraft from crashing. Its pilot Rhi is a young Inhuman woman from a group who left for a life among the stars. Instead they were imprisoned on a planet where an enslaved Inhuman brings her owner great power and influence. Horrified by the account, Carol gathers a team–including Ant-Man, Mantis, and Amadeus Cho–and they set out to free Rhi’s people.

Carol helps a young woman as she crashes to Earth. Rhi is a refugee Inhuman who has been living as a slave on a distant family. She fled only to get help to free her friends and family. So, Captain Marvel gathers a small team of Mantis, Ant-Man, and Brawn and forms a plan to free Rhi’s friends. Unfortunately, the power inhibitor on the planet affects most of Captain Marvel’s team – and they need a new plan.

Liberation Run is a standalone adventure set in the recent Marvel comic universe. The story is dramatic and poignant. Yet when Captain Marvel and friends arrive, the danger doesn’t seem as intense – even without some of their powers. I thoroughly enjoyed this well-developed story with plenty of colorful characters and humor to round out the grim situation. I love comics, but prose novels like this can cover more ground and have a bit more depth sometimes. Sure, it’s a bit predictable (superheroes have to win, right?) but it’s a lot of fun and was another great story to get my Captain Marvel fix.

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