SciFi Book Review: City 1

City 1 by Gregg Rosenblum

The time has come to win the cities back from the bots—or die trying.

After finally reuniting at a rebel camp, siblings Nick, Kevin, and Cass are willing to do anything to stay together—and free their parents from bot rule. But the leader of the rebel camp has her own ideas. Cruel and determined, General Clay won’t let anything stand in the way of her plan to destroy the robots and all the brainwashed humans. For Nick, Kevin, and Cass, this means their parents’ lives are at stake, but they can’t desert the rebels when they’re so close to freedom. How far will they go to save the world they believe in?

Nick, Kevin, and Cass have changed a lot during their time apart. Cass wants to go back and save her biological family from the City, but they’ve been brainwashed. Nick feels sympathy for a traitor. And the success of the rebellion lies on Kevin’s shoulders – whether he likes it or not. General Clay is pure ruthless ambition with the sole purpose of wiping out the bots and freeing humanity. And any humans siding with the bots (brainwashed or no) will be collateral damage.

City 1 is the final installment in this thrilling trilogy. Events build to an eventful climax with several surprises. The final showdown with the head bot seemed a bit rushed and over too quickly, but these are short, fast-paced books with a lot of story packed in. This Terminator-like story is packed with suspense, drama, and mystery that both teens and adults will enjoy.

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