SciFi Book Review: Containment

Containment by Caryn Lix

Ex-Omnistellar prison guard Kenzie and her superpowered friends barely made it off Sanctuary alive. Now they’re stuck in a stolen alien ship with nowhere to go and no one to help them. Kenzie is desperate for a plan, but she doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Everyone has their own dark secrets: Omnistellar, her parents, even Cage. Worse still, she’s haunted by memories of the aliens who nearly tore her to shreds—and forced her to accidentally kill one of the Sanctuary prisoners, Matt.

When Kenzie intercepts a radio communication suggesting that more aliens are on their way, she knows there’s only one choice: They must destroy the ship before the aliens follow the signal straight to them. Because if the monstrous creatures who attacked Sanctuary reach Earth, then it’s game over for humanity.

What Kenzie doesn’t know is that the aliens aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Omnistellar has put a bounty on Kenzie’s head—and the question is whether the aliens or Omnistellar get to her first.

Containment is the sequel to last-year’s scifi thriller Sanctuary. Kenzie and the teenage, escaped Sanctuary prisoners are on the run from Omnistellar and deadly aliens. It seems like they should take their chances with Omnistellar, but no one seems to believe them when they say more of the aliens are coming.

The feel of this sequel is a little less intense than before, mostly because they aren’t stuck on one claustrophobic ship. Sanctuary felt like Alien meets X-Men. But this sequel had more story and character development. With plenty of suspense, intrigue, and dangerous foes – this novel is an exciting thrill ride that doesn’t stop. Despite the size of the book, I read it quickly. I appreciate that there isn’t cheesy, insta-love, but relationships that seem genuine – which develop through the story as well. And there are several surprises along the way. I look forward to the next in this heart-pounding series.

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