SciFi Book Review: Fallout

Fallout by James K Decker

Overpopulation, disease, and ecological disaster were edging humanity toward extinction. Hope arrived in the haan, an alien race that promised us a future.
And what they wanted in exchange seemed so harmless…

Sam Shao has found out too much about the haan, by accident. All humans have to get along with them—we owe them our lives—and Sam even counts a haan among her best friends. But the more she learns, the less she trusts them

It doesn’t help that the building of new haan colonies seems to be coinciding with a rash of missing persons cases. Sam and her hacker friends are determined to reveal the truth about the haan, before it’s too late. The aliens are still promising salvation, and they seem set to deliver, but with things already spinning out of control Sam is confronted with a possibility no one wants to admit—that what salvation means to humankind and what it means to the haan may be two horribly different things.

Sam is a conflicted character. She doesn’t hate the haan, in fact she still feels the pull of wanting to foster their offspring. But she after finding out what their former leader was planning, she wants the rest of the world to know the whole truth about the haan too. And what it means for Earth. But with the return of an old friend, Sam learns it’s not that simple.

Just as fast-paced and action-packed as The Burn Zone, this sequel doesn’t disappoint. These fascinating, mysterious aliens still have more secrets. And there are even more shocking twists and revelations this time around. This dark scifi series is a solid, enjoyable read with complex worldbuilding.

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