SciFi Book Review: Fallout

Fallout by SA Bodeen

Eli and his family lived in an underground shelter they called the Compound for six years. They thought they were the only survivors of a nuclear attack, but when Eli learned that it was all a twisted experiment orchestrated by his tech-visionary father, he broke the family out. His father died trying to keep them imprisoned.

Now, the family must readjust to life in the real world. Their ordeal has made them so famous, they must stay in hiding—everyone from fatalists preparing for doomsday to the tabloid media wants a piece of them. Even worse, their father’s former adviser continues to control the company Eli and his twin brother are the heirs of.

As Eli tries to determine who the family can trust, he learns the nightmare of the Compound—and his father’s experiment—might not be over.

Eli and his family are finding it hard to adjust to the outside world after living underground for 6 years with no outside contact. They continue to live in hiding, to keep the media at bay. So essentially, they’re still not free. And on their infrequent outings, Eli feels like he’s being watched.

Though this is a sequel, I never once felt like I was missing part of the story. The characters are vivid and the story is intense. The suspense builds to a surprising and chilling climax that kept me on the edge of my seat. Though the science starts out as seemingly solid and built on a real disease, it takes a huge leap into comic science fiction at the end. This was a fasts-paced, exciting read that didn’t disappoint.

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