SciFi Book Review: Frozen

Frozen by Erin Bowman

Gray Weathersby has escaped Claysoot and uncovered the truth behind the Laicos Project and the Order’s twisted plans. Determined to fight back, his small group of rebels is on the hunt for more answers and more allies—a search that will take them on a harrowing journey across a frozen wasteland, and even deeper into a world built on the Order’s lies.

This sequel is mostly a journey for Gray and his friends. His relationship with Bree is strained as he still has feelings for his first love. It’s a love triangle that began in the first novel that only becomes more complicated. And when a sympathetic clone comes into their midst, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Frozen is a solid sequel with plenty of adventure, suspense, intrigue, and betrayal. The plot twists are numerous and incredibly dramatic. This impressively woven dystopia series is exciting and captivating.

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