SciFi Book Review: Independence Day: Crucible

Independence Day: Crucible by Greg Keyes

Cities were crushed by the falling spacecraft—but one ship didn’t crash. It remained intact, and disgorged hordes of alien soldiers determined to fight to the death.

The abandoned vessels also contained a wealth of advanced technology. Led by David Levinson, the greatest minds of our world developed deadly new hybrid weapons. Bases were built on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

A new generation of defenders had to be trained, for the invaders would return. In the headlong rush to prepare, however, not everyone would survive.

Crucible is set after the first Independence Day film, spanning the decades leading up to Independence Day: Resurgence. I loved both films, so this was a must-read for me to fill in those years. Very little was said in the film about Captain Hiller’s death and nothing about what happened to Constance.

My only complaint was that I felt this could have been a longer book or more than one book. To pack two decades into one book, meant that there was still a lot that could have been fleshed out more. I did love the early backstories of Jake and Charlie – they’re friendship was very endearing. And Dikembe’s story post-war was fascinating as well when he returns to Africa. It’s a fast-paced, captivating read that I only wish was longer.