SciFi Book Review: Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot: To Preserve

Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot: To Preserve by Mickey Zucker Reichert

N8-C, better known as Nate, has been Manhattan Hasbro Hospital’s resident robot for more than twenty years. A prototype, humanoid in appearance, he was created to interact with people. While some staff accepted working alongside an anthropomorphic robot, Nate’s very existence terrified most people, leaving the robot utilized for menial tasks and generally ignored.

Until one of the hospital’s physicians is found brutally murdered with Nate standing over the corpse, a blood-smeared utility bar clutched in his hand. As designer and programmer of Nate’s positronic brain, Lawrence Robertson is responsible for his creation’s actions and arrested for the crime.

Susan Calvin knows the Three Laws of Robotics make it impossible for Nate to harm a human being. But to prove both Nate’s and Lawrence’s innocence, she has to consider the possibility that someone somehow manipulated the laws to commit murder.

When Nate is seemingly framed for murder, Susan will stop at nothing to help her friend. But Susan is also targeted for knowledge that someone thinks she has. And a new love interest adds complications.

To Preserve is the third installment in Reichert’s captivating series based on Asimov’s I, Robot. Once again, the story is full of mystery and suspense. The characters are engaging and the pacing makes it hard to put down. Events build to a big finale that doesn’t disappoint. However, since this was a trilogy, it’s a bit sad knowing this may be the last. I really enjoyed these characters and future world.

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