SciFi Book Review: Omega City

Omega City by Diana Peterfreund

Gillian Seagret doesn’t listen to people who say her father’s a crackpot. His conspiracy theories about the lost technology of Cold War–era rocket scientist Dr. Aloysius Underberg may have cost him his job and forced them to move to the middle of nowhere, but Gillian knows he’s right and plans to prove it.

When she discovers a missing page from Dr. Underberg’s diary in her father’s mess of an office, she thinks she’s found a big piece of the puzzle—a space-themed riddle promising to lead to Dr. Underberg’s greatest invention. Enlisting the help of her skeptical younger brother, Eric, her best friend, Savannah, and Howard, their NASA-obsessed schoolmate, Gillian sets off on a journey into the ruins of Omega City, a vast doomsday bunker deep inside the earth,

But they aren’t alone inside its dark and flooded halls. For while Gillian wants to save her dad’s reputation by bringing Dr. Underberg’s secrets to light, there are others who will stop at nothing to make sure they stay buried . . . forever.

Gillian and her brother Eric are good kids with an eccentric father. But even after their father being discredited, Gillian and Eric believe in him and his work. So when his new girlfriend seems a bit too suspicious, the siblings and a few friends begin to track down clues to Dr. Underberg’s secrets before anyone else can.

Omega City is first in a new trilogy for middle readers. Fast-paced with plenty of mystery, suspense and humor – science fiction and adventure fans of all ages will appreciate this exciting story. The book details compare it to The Goonies and The City of Ember – and I agree. In fact, the characters reminded me a lot of The Goonies – which made me love it even more. And the underground facility felt a lot like The City of Ember . The combination of strong characters and an intense plot made for a highly enjoyable read.

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