SciFi Book Review: Revived

Revived by Cat Patrick

Daisy Appleby is severely allergic to bees, and unfortunately help doesn’t come in time to save her from dying. But the drug Revive brings her back to life. Again. Daisy has actually died 5 times already in her short 15 years. The first time she died was in a horrendous school bus crash when she very young. Now a part of a secret study for the drug, each time Daisy dies, she must move to a new city with a new identity. But at her newest school, Daisy quickly gains a new best friend and potential boyfriend, who make her question the Revive program. And when Daisy uncovers a secret within program, she has no idea how deep and how dark the conspiracy falls.

Daisy is an average girl put in an unlikely circumstance. Though, she obviously has a penchant for dying prematurely. Her home life may be unorthodox, but her new friendships help to ground her. And her relationship with Matt is a bit chaotic but believable given their odd situation.

Several twists and shocking surprises along the way made for a riveting read. Revived is a dramatic YA novel with a science fiction twist. This is more of a relationship drama interlaced with a dark mystery than much scifi. The drug Revive and the program are only mentioned occasionally without much detail. The story ends a bit abruptly with a big reveal, but feels so open ended with questions left hanging that a sequel (though, apparently unplanned right now) seems almost necessary. This was an exciting, suspenseful novel that left me wanting more.

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