SciFi Book Review: Stargate SG-1: Exile

Stargate SG-1: Exile by Sally Malcolm and Laura Harper

The long road home… Reeling from the shocking revelation at the end of STARGATE SG-1: Hostile Ground, Colonel O’Neill’s team continues its quest to find a way home. But as SG-1 comes to terms with new circumstances, they find themselves divided. With tensions mounting, the team undertakes a dangerous rescue mission on behalf of their new allies – and O’Neill makes a decision that will threaten the future of his team. Meanwhile, fleeing the Goa’uld attack, Dr. Janet Fraiser negotiates a treacherous path as she and the other refugees struggle to survive on a barren new world. But she soon discovers that the most dangerous enemies of all are those who lie within…

Exile is the second book in the Apocalypse series. The SG-1 team is stuck in a post-apocalyptic future, while Dr Fraiser struggles to save as many as she can while being undercut by those who are only out for themselves. The novel is told in parallel stories set in the two time periods. The writing is excellent, as the characters are spot on as well as an impressively complex storyline. There are several great plot twists that lead to big revelations in the other time period. It has been a while since I read the previous book in the series, but I was able to jump right in and follow along. The Goa’uld, Wraith, and even traitors from within makes for a thrilling adventure. I look forward to the next in this exciting saga.

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