SciFi Book Review: The Battle for WondLa

The Battle for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

All hope for a peaceful coexistence between humankind and aliens seems lost. Eva Nine has gone into hiding for fear of luring the wicked Loroc to her companions.

However, news of the city Solas being captured by the human leader, Cadmus Pryde, forces Eva into action once again. With help from an unlikely ally, Eva tries to thwart Loroc’s ultimate plan for both mankind and the alien life on Orbona.

Eva Nine and Hailey are on the run, while Eva searches for one of the few people who may be able to stop Loroc. As the battle for control of Orbona rages, Eva and her friends are relentless in their campaign for peace.

The Battle for WondLa is the final installment in The Search for WondLa trilogy. Stunningly beautiful illustrations accompany this epic story. This thrilling, science fiction, adventure series is a treat for all ages. With unique and vibrant characters, a mysterious and stirring story, and sweet message of friendship – this trilogy concludes in an exciting and satisfying finale. I was sad for the story to end, but I’m sure I will continue to revisit WondLa in multiple rereads.

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