SciFi Book Review: The Cloak Society: Fall of Heroes

The Cloak Society: Fall of Heroes by Jeramey Kraatz

The Cloak Society has finally risen to power—by posing as the saviors of Sterling City. As long as the people believe Cloak’s lies, Alex and his friends are all that stand in the way of total Cloak domination. But to bring Cloak to justice, Alex must make a final stand against his parents, his past, and the life of supervillainy he’s always known.

Cloak has taken over the city, posing as the new Rangers. But Alex and his friends are determined to take them down. And their first step is to rescue some of the true Rangers from the Gloom (think the Phantom Zone from Superman).

Fall of Heroes is the third and final novel in The Cloak Society trilogy. X-Men fans from Middle Readers on up will enjoy this fantastic, super-powered series. The thrilling conclusion doesn’t disappoint – from dramatic interactions between torn families to exhilarating, epic battles. This is another of my favorite releases this year. Don’t miss this exceptional series.

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