SciFi Book Review: The Feros

The Feros by Wesley King

James, Hayden, Sam, Emily and Lana are finally ready to join the League of Heroes. Their new powers have made them stronger than ever (Hayden has perfected some particularly useful tricks for doing housework from the sofa), and the friends even gave themselves a name: the Feros. But as their induction into the League approaches, they are ambushed and arrested by a group of rogue Heroes. The only one who can clear their name is the League’s leader, Thunderbolt—but he’s gone missing. The Feros manage to escape capture, but with Thunderbolt gone and several League members defecting, there is no one left to trust.

Confident they can overcome anything together, the group’s security is shaken when Emily is mysteriously abducted right out from under them. Have the Vindico somehow managed to escape the impenetrable Perch? Or are they fighting a new enemy that they can’t see? One thing they know for sure is that even Sam’s telepathic detection has proven useless against this unknown foe. Without their computer genius or their telepathic shield, how will the Feros ever find Emily and keep themselves—and their families—safe?

Having betrayed the villainous Vindico, the Feros teens now want to become a part of the League of Heroes. But someone sets the League members against each other, and the Feros must flee even as one of their own is captured by the unknown enemy. The Feros, having gotten their backstories taken care of in the first novel, have become a true team – with distinct and engaging characters.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I enjoyed The Feros even more than the first novel. There is more danger, adventure, excitement, mystery, and suspense than before. It’s a clever and complex story with well-developed characters. The villains have a reason behind their madness, and are often sympathetic characters despite their wrongdoings. This is a fantastic, fast-paced science fiction series for super hero/villain and comic book fans from middle grade readers to adults. There is a satisfying conclusion, so I’m not sure the story will continue in future installments. But I certainly hope so.

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