SciFi Book Review: TimeRiders: The Eternal War

TimeRiders: The Eternal War by Alex Scarrow

Continuing the heart-pounding, time-bending action of the TimeRiders series, The Eternal War brings readers back to a pivotal time period in American history: the Civil War. Only this alternate history is one where a young Abraham Lincoln has somehow followed Liam into the present from 1831, and the entire course of American history has changed. If the TimeRiders can’t return Lincoln to the past, the country could be trapped in a dangerous state of never-ending civil war. Can Maddy persuade two colonels on either side of no man’s land to cease fire long enough to save the future?

When Abraham Lincoln meets an early demise, the team of time travelers goes back to save him and put things right. Instead, he follows them back to the future, drastically changing America so that the Civil War is still going on in present day.

This is the fourth installment in this exciting science fiction series for young adults. The majority of this story resides in an alternate America still at war, keeping the nation divided and stifling progress. There are some unique creatures developed through eugenics – creepy and straight out of the Island of Dr. Moreau. The Eternal War is a fast-paced, thrilling adventure with plenty of suspense and engaging characters. The continuing mystery that arcs over the series, keeps me looking forward to future installments as well.

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