She Who Rides the Storm – Book Review

She Who Rides the Storm by Caitlin Sangster

Long ago, shapeshifting monsters ruled the Commonwealth using blasphemous magic that fed on the souls of their subjects. Now, hundreds of years later, a new tomb has been uncovered, and despite the legends that disturbing a shapeshifter’s final resting place will wake them once again, the Warlord is determined to dig it up.

But it isn’t just the Warlord who means to brave the traps and pitfalls guarding the crypt.

A healer obsessed with tracking down the man who murdered her twin brother.

A runaway member of the Warlord’s Devoted order, haunted by his sister’s ghost.

A snotty archaeologist bent on finding the cure to his magical wasting disease.

A girl desperate to escape the cloistered life she didn’t choose.

All four are out to steal the same cursed sword rumored to be at the very bottom of the tomb. But of course, some treasures should never see the light of day, and some secrets are best left buried…

This impressive YA fantasy includes impressive main characters. With 4 unique stories that intertwine, each character has their own motivation for exploring the dangerous tomb. Anwei is a healer who hunts her brother’s killer. Her partner Knox is a runaway from a religious sect who still hears the voice of his goddess. Lia is a has been given amazing abilities due to her forced servitude of the goddess, but wants to escape the oppressive Warlord. And Mateo is searching for an cure to his wasting sickness. This is an impressive, high fantasy novel – in size (over 600 pages) and scope. It’s an ambitious, complex story with drama, magic, intrigue, and murder. I was surprised, as the climactic ending approached, that this wasn’t a standalone. As most is revealed, but not everything resolved. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for the exciting conclusion.

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