Shuri – Book Review

Shuri: A Black Panther Novel by Nic Stone

An original, upper-middle-grade series starring the break-out character from the Black Panther comics and films: T’Challa’s younger sister, Shuri! Crafted by New York Times bestselling author Nic Stone. Shuri is a skilled martial artist, a genius, and a master of science and technology. But, she’s also a teenager. And a princess. This story follows Shuri as she sets out on a quest to save her homeland of Wakanda.

For centuries, the Chieftain of Wakanda (the Black Panther) has gained his powers through the juices of the Heart-Shaped Herb. Much like Vibranium, the Heart-Shaped Herb is essential to the survival and prosperity of Wakanda. But something is wrong. The plants are dying. No matter what the people of Wakanda do, they can’t save them. And their supply is running short. It’s up to Shuri to travel from Wakanda in order to discover what is killing the Herb, and how she can save it, in the first volume of this all-new, original adventure.

I was a big fan of Shuri, after watching the Black Panther movie. She’s genius-level smart and an inspiring young woman. This story follows the comics more than the film, but that’s a good thing when a favorite, classic X-Men character makes an appearance. And several other characters and timelines differ.

Shuri and her friend travel across continents to discover the cause and cure for the dying Herb. There are several fun characters, some new (to me) and some familiar. I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced adventure with plenty of suspense, mystery, and drama. I hope this series continues, and we get to see more of Shuri’s technical prowess as well.

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