Spotlight: UltraSabers


Serious collectors and Cosplayers, if you’re a Star Wars fan, you must check out I was sent this Azure Reaper style to review. I figured that looking at the pictures and the prices, that these would be impressive – and I was right.



The level of detail is amazing. I had to take close ups to give this lightsaber justice.


Pressing down on this black button, turns on the LED light – making it look like a real lightsaber.



The handle is made of aluminum, so it’s sturdy and well-made. And the “blade” is a lighter-weight polycarbonate/plastic. From end to end, the entire length of the lightsaber is just over 4 feet tall. It came packaged very well, wrapped in bubblewrap and foam around the hilt.

There is even an option to add a realistic sound to your lightsaber. Every Star Wars geek’s dream!

They also have a replica of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber in Episode VII (which looks fantastic) and can be seen here.

Now, will they let you take your UltraSaber to the new Star Wars movie opening? Better check with your theater ahead of time.

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