Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Revenant – Book Review

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Revenant by Alex White

Jadzia Dax has been a friend to Etom Prit, the Trill Trade Commissioner, over two lifetimes. When Etom visits Deep Space Nine with the request to rein in his wayward granddaughter Nemi, Dax can hardly say no. It seems like an easy assignment: visit a resort casino while on shore leave, and then bring her old friend Nemi home. But upon arrival, Dax finds Nemi has changed over the years in terrifying ways…and the pursuit of the truth will plunge Dax headlong into a century’s worth of secrets and lies!

Revenant takes place at the beginning of season 4 of Deep Space Nine. I’m fascinated with Trills. And Jadzia Dax is a fantastic character. With multiple lifetimes of memories, she’s wise beyond her years, yet still a young woman whose life is cut short much too soon (eventually). This is a compelling story with plenty of suspense and surprises. I loved the friendship between Dax and Kira, true to the series yet delving a bit deeper.

This is the first Star Trek novel that White has written, and I genuinely hope they write another. I was hooked from the beginning and loved every bit of the story. Most of the novel takes place on Trill, with an interesting focus on such a unique alien world and culture. The characters were engaging and the plot was fresh and exciting. With plenty of action and intrigue, this adventure will appeal to any Star Trek fan.

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