Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope – Book Review

Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope by Una McCormack

A thrilling novel leading into the new CBS series, Una McCormack’s The Last Best Hope introduces you to brand new characters featured in the life of beloved Star Trek captain Jean-Luc Picard—widely considered to be one of the most popular and recognizable characters in all of science fiction.

When it’s discovered that the Romulan star will go supernova, Picard gives up the Enterprise to head up a monumental relocation of all the Romulans its potential wake. Starfleet and many officers are not as eager to help their long-time enemies. And even some of the Romulans themselves spurn the Federation’s assistance. Meanwhile, Commander Geordi LaForge is assigned to oversee the seemingly impossible task of creating a fleet large enough to relocate the overwhelming number of refugees. But an incredible tragedy threatens the relocation efforts and Picard’s future in Starfleet.

The Last Best Hope is essential reading for Star Trek: Picard fans. We’re given a deeper look at the events leading up to Picard’s resignation from Starfleet and the tragedy on Mars. I really enjoyed this well-paced, character-driven story. We’re given a better look at Raffi’s heartbreaking backstory. And I enjoyed the story behind where the rogue synth’s came from. And of course since the Romulans are one of my all-time favorite aliens, I really appreciated getting the story behind some of Picard’s efforts at relocation several unique groups. I loved this intense novel of drama, suspense, and intrigue. And this was a perfect tie-in to the fantastic, new show. I can’t get enough of this series.