Star Trek: Voyager: To Lose The Earth – Book Review

Star Trek: Voyager: To Lose The Earth by Kirsten Beyer

As the crew of the Full Circle fleet works to determine the fate of their lost ship, the Galen, a struggle for survival begins at the far edge of the galaxy. New revelations about Species 001, the race that built the biodomes that first drew the fleet to investigate planet DK-1116, force Admiral Kathryn Janeway to risk everything to learn the truth.

To Lose The Earth is a direct sequel to Voyager: Architects of Infinity. Janeway commands the Full Circle fleet, but one of her ships is missing. Meanwhile, the remaining crews investigate Species 001.

While Voyager is just one ship in the fleet, most of her well-known crew is included in the fleet, if spread across the multiple ships. Harry’s girlfriend has been critically injured, he’s trying to keep his infant/fetus daughter alive, and he’s trying to figure out how to get back to the rest of the fleet. I enjoyed this storyline, as his character has matured yet he’s still the same optimist who loves fiercely.

This story is complex yet easy enough to follow. It’s well-paced, with loads of interpersonal drama, mystery, new technology, and suspense. While I miss Voyager‘s original crew and adventures in the Delta quadrant, this series has been a nice jump forward. I enjoy seeing how the crew’s lives developed once they came home – and are now back doing what they do best. This was a fun and exciting adventure that didn’t disappoint.

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