Suddenly a Murder – Book Review

Suddenly a Murder by Lauren Munoz

To celebrate the end of high school, Izzy Morales joins her ride-or-die Kassidy and five friends on a 1920s–themed getaway at the glamorous Ashwood Manor. There, Izzy and her friends party in vintage dresses and expensive diamonds—until Kassidy’s boyfriend turns up dead.

Murdered, investigators declare when they arrive at the scene, and now every party guest is a suspect. There’s the girlfriend, in love. The other girl, in despair. The old friend, forlorn. The new friend, distressed. The brooding enigma. And then, there’s Izzy—the girl who brought the knife.

To find the killer, everyone must undergo a grueling interrogation, all while locked in an estate where, suddenly, the greatest luxury is innocence.

I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery. This YA novel is written from Izzy’s point of view in a clever, unique way that doesn’t give much away. All of the suspects have secrets, some more predictable than others. There is great character development for most of them. And as the interrogations come to a close, readers are confronted with the truth with plenty of built up suspense along the way. I really enjoyed this captivating, fast-paced, and memorable story.