Thinking about going as Supergirl for Halloween made me, of course, think about the movie.. It had so much potential. But the plot and villain (being just a witch) ruined it. The whole plot is that she’s trying to get back this little ball that she lost from her planet that supposedly they have to get back. If it was that important, they wouldn’t have been just playing around with it. I mean, Zaltar gets sent to this hell-like place just because he lost it. And Kara/Supergirl/Linda wants to return to a planet where they’d punish people like that? And the witch (Selena) automatically knows that this ball has powers and figures out how to use the thing right away.. even though it’s not even from her planet. Right. And poor Ethan doesn’t have much part in this film except to be a helpless, bumbling, victim.. which somehow still comes across as attractive. I like how they alluded to Clark Kent as Supergirl’s cousin, though why didn’t she just call herself “Kara Kent”. Kara is a common earth name too. And i doubt anyone would recognize her real name and say, “Hey, that girl’s an alien!” But no, they had to go with “Linda Lee,” when there’s already WAY too many “L” names.. ie: Lois Lane, Lana Lang, and Lucy Lane(Lois’ sister).. which sound too much alike anyway. At least she thought to change her hair color/style to look different from her Supergirl persona, unlike Superman who just uses the clever disguise of his glasses.
It’s also sad that it bombed so bad that they never even made a sequel.. which would guarantee to be better than the first. How could they do any worse? It already should qualify as a “B” movie.
But, though I’m almost ashamed to admit, I do own the movie. The special edition no less. Guess i’m just a sucker for super hero movies.

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