Superman Returns

Bryan Singer has done it again. At first I cringed at the thought of someone besides Christopher Reeves playing Superman. But Brenden Routh surprised this superhero fan! He not only mastered the iconic Superman and Clark’s mannerisms, but even his voice! The first scene he spoke in, I got chills. I’m convinced no one else could have filled the Man of Steel’s boots like Routh.

Kevin Spacey did a spectacular job as Lex Luthor as well. Of course, Singer had the part with Spacey in mind. But Spacey embodied the villain with a much darker, vengeful way than Gene Hackman. He masters everything he does.

While I was impressed with Kate Bosworth’s acting as the spunky, fearless Lois Lane, she still didn’t look anything like Lois. I was already disappointed with that aspect going in though. Her fiancé, Richard White, played by James Marsden (of X-Men fame) had a much larger role in the movie than I expected. He and the rest of the supporting cast were exceptional in their parts.

The story rivals the two original Superman films. There is plenty of action, drama, clever humor, and romance. The movie lasted two and a half hours, and I can safely say that no part of the movie dragged. I can’t imagine any part of it being cut or shortened. I’m not going to give anything away for those who have yet to see it, but a couple twists and surprises are entwined in the story as well!

The special effects and cinematography were brilliant also. Singer did an amazing job! I give Superman Returns an A.

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