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Box Review: Teeblox – February 2019


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*SciFiChick.com received a box for review purposes.

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Fantasy Book Review: An Easy Death

An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris

Set in a fractured United States, in the southwestern country now known as Texoma. A world where magic is acknowledged but mistrusted, especially by a young gunslinger named Lizbeth Rose. Battered by a run across the border to Mexico Lizbeth Rose takes a job offer from a pair of Russian wizards to be their local guide and gunnie. For the wizards, Gunnie Rose has already acquired a fearsome reputation and they’re at a desperate crossroad, even if they won’t admit it. They’re searching through the small border towns near Mexico, trying to locate a low-level magic practitioner, Oleg Karkarov. The wizards believe Oleg is a direct descendant of Grigori Rasputin, and that Oleg’s blood can save the young tsar’s life.

As the trio journey through an altered America, shattered into several countries by the assassination of Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression, they’re set on by enemies. It’s clear that a powerful force does not want them to succeed in their mission. Lizbeth Rose is a gunnie who has never failed a client, but her oath will test all of her skills and resolve to get them all out alive.

Lizbeth is a Gunnie – an armed-guard escort. Her latest hire are two Russion magicians who are deadly in their own right. The Russians are searching for a descendant of the tsar’s, so the relative can offer up blood donations to save his life. But it’s soon clear that Gunnie and her charges are being targeted – in hopes they are not successful.

An Easy Death is the first in the new, Gunnie Rose series. The setting is an alternate reality of a modern day Old West where the US has been broken into several territories run by different countries. It’s a fun mix of a Western and fantasy. I am grateful that there isn’t a data dump explanation of this alternate world, as it isn’t needed. Lizbeth is a likable and relatable character. She’s strong but knows her limits. This first installment is a well-paced adventure with plenty of action, mystery, and a bit of romance. And I look forward to the next in this intriguing new series.

Steel Prince Blog Tour: Book Giveaway

Courtesy of Titan Comics, I have a copy of Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince Vol. 1 for one lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends March 15. I’ll draw a name on March 16, and notify winner via email.


Good luck!

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Received in February

The following are the books, movies, television shows, etc. I received last month for review and/or giveaways:

Mystery Boxes:

Abrams / Amulet:
Riverland by Fran Wilde
The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters

The Beast’s Heart: A Novel of Beauty and the Beast by Leife Shallcross

Amazon / Skyscape:
The Rule of Many by Ashley Saunders
The Fever King by Victoria Lee

A Dangerous Collaboration by Deanna Raybourn

Terminal Uprising by Jim C. Hines

Del Rey:
The Women’s War by Jenna Glass

Disney Hyperion / Freeform / Marvel:
Captain Marvel What Makes a Hero by Pamela Bobowicz
The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton
Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster by Liza Palmer
Captain Marvel: Starforce on the Rise by Steve Behling
Aladdin: Far From Agrabah by Aisha Saeed
The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

Gallery Books:
HALO: Renegades by Kelly Gay

Macmillan Teen / Henry Holt / FSG / Swoon / Fiewel and Friends / Roaring Brook Press:
Before I Disappear by Danielle Stinson
The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me by Mariko Tamaki
Gut Check by Eric Kester
Fake It Till You Break It by Jenn P. Nguyen
Better Than the Best Plan by Lauren Morrill
How to Be Luminous by Harriet Reuter Hapgood

Last of Her Name by Jessica Khoury
The Stars Below by David Baldacci
Transformed: The Perils of the Frog Prince by Megan Morrison
Rise of the Dragons by Angie Sage

Simon Teen / Simon Pulse:
Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

St Martin’s Griffin:
Black Star Renegades by Michael Moreci

Subterranean Press:
Before I Wake by David Morrell
The Flowers of Vashnoi by Lois McMaster Bujold

Titan Books:
Captain Marvel: Liberation Run by Tess Sharpe

A Labyrinth of Scions and Sorcery by Curtis Craddock
Haunting of Tram Car 015 by P. Djèlí Clark

Book Giveaway: The Women’s War

Courtesy of Del Rey, I have a copy of The Women’s War by Jenna Glass for one lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends March 15. I’ll draw a name on March 16, and notify winner via email.


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SciFiChick.com’s 14th Anniversary and Giveaway!

This is a few days late, since I was out sick this weekend… but SciFiChick.com is 14 years old! 14 years of news, reviews, and interviews of SciFi/Fantasy books, movies, TV, and monthly subscription boxes!

Many thanks to my readers and visitors!

And thanks to the various publishers, authors, and media contacts who continue to send books, movies, and monthly subscription boxes for review. You help to keep my passion/addiction alive and keep me buried in books, movies, and collectibles!


Courtesy of Tor Books, I have a copy of A Labyrinth of Scions and Sorcery, by Curtis Craddoxk for one lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends March 15. I’ll draw a name on March 16, and notify winner via email.


Good luck!

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Fantasy Book Review: The Beast of Nightfall Lodge

The Beast of Nightfall Lodge: The Institute for Singular Antiquities Book II by SA Sidor

When Egyptologist Rom Hardy receives a strange letter from his old friend, the bounty-hunting sniper Rex McTroy, he finds himself drawn into a chilling mystery. In the mountains of New Mexico, a bloodthirsty creature is on the loose, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Now, a wealthy big game hunter has offered a staggering reward for its capture, and Rom’s patron – the headstrong and brilliant Evangeline Waterston – has signed the team up for the challenge. Awaiting them are blizzards, cold-blooded trappers, remorseless hunters, a mad doctor, wild animals and a monster so fearsome and terrifying, it must be a legend come to life.

Rom, Evangeline, McTroy, and Wu are back together again for a new adventure. This time a cannibalistic monster is roaming in the mountains next to a small town. Rom and his friends team up together to find and trap the monster in hopes of winning a priceless artifact. But everyone around them seems to be hiding a dangerous secret.

This is the second installment in The Institute for Singular Antiquities series. This fantasy story is dark and violent, with a mystery that kept me guessing to the end. I actually enjoyed this fast-paced story even more than the first. There was a lot going on, with several subplots and intriguing characters, but it was all easy to follow and kept up the heart-pounding suspense. There wasn’t as much of the archaeology/antiquities aspect in this story. But it was certainly engaging and exciting to the surprising finale. I look forward to the next in this fun series.

Fantasy Book Review: The Darkdeep

The Darkdeep by Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs

Everyone in Timbers knows Still Cove is off-limits, with its creepy Beast sightings and equally terrifying legends. But when a bullying incident sends twelve-year-old Nico Holland over a cliff and into Still Cove’s icy waters, friends Tyler and Emma–and even Opal Walsh, who usually runs with the popular kids–rush to his rescue . . . and discover a mysterious island hiding in the murky, swirling mists below.

Though the island appears uninhabited, the kids can’t shake a feeling that something about it is definitely not right. Their suspicions grow when they stumble upon an abandoned houseboat filled with all sorts of curiosities: odd-looking weapons, unnerving portraits, maps to unknown places, and a glass jar containing something completely unidentifiable. And in its lowest depths churns a dark, deep secret.

As the group delves deeper into this mysterious new clubhouse, their lives begin to intertwine in weird and dangerous ways. For something ancient has awakened . . . and it can detect not only their wishes and dreams, but also their darkest, most terrible imaginings. Do they have what it takes to face the shadowy secrets lurking within their own hearts?

When his new drone crashes into the cove, Nico goes after it, despite the danger. His friends follow, and they stumble upon an abandon cabin on an island. Here, they find the Darkdeep that brings their darkest fears to life for a time. At first, it’s a novelty. But then, something begins to change.

The Darkdeep is a dark fantasy for middle readers. It’s narrated from alternating characters, which helps the reader feel what they feel. Nico feels bullied and betrayed. And Opal has a good heart, but is a bit naive when it comes to her friends. People have compared this to Stranger Things, and I can see it – the dark, creepy feel and group of kids who are in over their heads. But this is definitely not scary. It’s more silly, though still deals with drama, friendship, and bullying. There is plenty of suspense and mystery. And readers are left with more questions than answers by the end – hopefully to be resolved in a sequel before too long.