Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Well, I’m heading to Georgia early Thursday morning with some family for the weekend. I’ll be back on to posting on Monday… with a few book reviews, I imagine. (And hopefully, another addition to the gallery.) I’ve been lax with drawing lately. Apologies to Colleen! I’m hoping I … Read more

Diagnosis Murder: The Double Life

Diagnosis Murder #7: The Double Life, by Lee Goldberg is the seventh installment in the Diagnosis Murder series. Dr. Mark Sloan awakens from an accident to find that two years of his life have passed of which he has no memory. Goldberg’s Diagnosis Murder novels are based from the hit TV show of the same … Read more

Casino Royale

I was extremely impressed with Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. He may not be the prettiest face. But he’s definitely the most believable as a spy since he’s by far the fittest of all the Bonds. Casino Royale takes us back to when James Bond first becomes 007, even though set in present … Read more